RTL-Inductives Oy
SIRRIKUJA 4 C 15, 00940 Helsinki Finland
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Clean room production of components for space applications and electronic medical equipment

Transformers for space vehicles and e.g. dosating valves and other special components for medical equipment are produced in the large high quality cleanroom of the Nystad factory. 

These product groups require highest classes of certification. The production process and one of three of the company labour force are certified by  the European Space Administration (ESA).

Both the productions of medical electronic equipment and space application komponents are periodically audited by external organisations.  


We supply transformers to customers' space applications, e.g. the bleow component to the Galileo space vehicle,

that is, a component to the Sentinel 2 project of ESA.

All in all we have delivered components to seven ESA-projects.

The picture shows the space vehicle Philae above the Chuymurov - Gerasimenko comet.

Transformer quality is guaranteed by certified specialists, a high quality cleanroom  and equipment meeting required standards.

The factory in Uusikaupunki, Finland