RTL-Inductives Oy
Sirrikuja 4 C 15, 00940 Helsinki Finland
Tel:+358 40 8416 810 Fax:+358 9 22 35485

Welcome to the site of RTL-Inductives!

a leading Scandinavian supplier of customer designed transformers and chokes for switching power supplies.

We manufacture inductive components and perform electro-mechanical assembly in Russia close to border between Finland (EU) and Russia. We are a long-term supplier of power supply transformers to several international power supply producers in Europe and the US.

Our Russian plant is a UL approved production site and we carry several UL insulation material system (EIS) approvals. Established international manufacturers supply most of our parts and materials, but we also employ local Russian suppliers where low cost or local production is a prime consideration.


Our customer services and Purchase control are located in Helsinki, Finland, the logistics in the Finnish city of Imatra at the Russian border and manufacturing in the Russian city of Vyborg only 35 kilometres from the border. We use an advanced integrated system to control our activities across the Finnish Russian Border.

We are actively looking for partners and principals, who wish to establish production in Russia in the next few years. In many cases we can offer the best intermediate solution to a fast and economic start up of your planned production in Russia. Naturally we aim at becoming and remaining a trusted sub-supplier of yours.

Please drop a line about any subject, which may interest you.