Rtl-Inductives history

Russia Trading Oy Ltd was established after the break-up of the Soviet Union to allow free trading in 1991. Initially, operations focused on cross-border trade; As early as 1993, the manufacture of chokes began in cooperation with the Vyborg Instrument Factory (Priborostroitel). A year later, the partner company ZAO Trafo was established.

Communication to Finland was challenging due to limited telecommunication capacity, but fortunately the Finnish NMT450 network operated in Vyborg with an additional antenna. The Vyborg plant developed and expanded strongly in the late 1990s. Gradually, production was automated and the first computers appeared at the factory in 1995. During 1996, the company began to purchase its own materials and warehousing operations grew.

As operations expanded, ERP was introduced in 1998 in Vyborg. Over the next six years, Scala ERP expanded into all of the company’s sites and functions.

In 2006, the company acquired the entire share capital and operations of KemoTrans Oy. In the same year, the company signed a major contract for the manufacture of stators at the Vyborg plant.

IA significant acquisition in 2012 brought All-Inductives Oy into the company. This transformer manufacturer has its roots in Salcomp Oy’s transformer factory, which was founded in 1973 in Uusikaupunki.

RTL-Inductives Oy was chosen as the company’s name in 2014.